Letter: A Serbian Hitler?

WALTER MORISON Sometime Flt Lt RAF Bosham, West Sussex
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Sir: They say air power cannot win the war, but on what authority?

In the Second World War Air Marshal Harris assured Churchill that Bomber Command could win the war on its own. He was wrong and we know why: for the first half of the war navigation was by chart and compass, operating by day was suicidal and on clear moonlit nights was nearly so. Not surprisingly, few bombs hit the target. Anyway, Bomber Command lacked the punch needed.

Later technology enabled small targets to be located and the huge fleets of British and American aircraft could wreak enormous destruction, mostly devoted to destroying cities, despite many voices raised to demand that the effective target was oil. Without oil no tank can move, no aircraft fly, no ship sail.

Times have changed. Targets can be pinpointed. Refineries and key installations are being hit. Serb forces in Kosovo are being cut off. Soon Nato aircraft will be able to range at will and at low level over Kosovo and nothing will be able to move except Nato land forces.