Letter: A Serbian Hitler?

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Sir: Bruce Young (letter, 22 April) now concedes that the Croatian army was responsible for what was then the biggest single forced movement of people in Europe since the 1940s - the expulsion of 200,000 Krajina Serbs in 1995. But he says it was not "state policy" and simply a "counter crime".

So who did order the expulsion if not the head of the Croatian state, Franjo Tudjman, a man who denies the Holocaust, fixes elections and wraps himself in the flag of the wartime Ustasha regime which murdered over 600,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies?

Rival nationalisms have fought in the Balkans for over 120 years. Each, at successive times, has been the victim and the jailer of others.

Great Powers have intervened, claiming to back the underdog, further poisoning relations between the Balkan peoples.

All the Balkan nationalists appeal to their own selective histories for legitimacy.

This is the "infernal game". Academics and journalists should explain it and not join in.