Letter: Abused children

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Sir: Hadn't someone better explain to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown ("Why do we still ignore the screams of abused children?", 8 January) that the age of deference is over - whether for hereditary peers or social workers?

Yes, certainly some children get abused at home, but as we are sadly finding out they are just as likely to be abused in care. Even if they are being abused, calling in the social services may well only transfer them from the frying-pan to the fire. If they aren't, then the horrific consequences of a false accusation hardly bear thinking about.

Why do you think the public have been so reluctant to help the authorities catch Jeff and Jenny Bramley? It is because they haven't seen the evidence, and (at least) until they do they are just going to assume that the authorities have got it wrong again

Ms Alibhai-Brown is asking us to take it on faith that the social workers know what they are doing. In your dreams, ma'am!