Letter: Action in Iraq

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Sir: Ms Alibhai-Brown's tirade ("What's the point if you do this to Muslims", 24 December) against British politics shows an immaturity of breathtaking stature. Democracy is not a form of government that one can support whenever convenient.

Apparently, we charged into Iraq with "thoughtless policies and actions". I thought that we had eight years of tedious negotiations and endless "last warnings".

Racist Britain is to blame, it seems, for allowing Muslim suffering in Bosnia. I did not notice any Muslim countries jumping to their rescue. Is Indonesia responsible for Kurdish deaths in Iraq? Saudia Arabia for slaves in the Sudan? Apparently not.

Presumably, Britain's millions of Muslim immigrants prefer its "imperialist, ruthless, xenophobic, democratic, immorality" to their own native lands. Am I perhaps a little naive in expecting assimilation rather than demands, gratitude rather than tantrums?


London NW11