Letter: After the Lords

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Sir: I am alarmed that, although David Aaronovitch ("Some thoughts, your Lordship, on the reform of your House", 21 January) says that we need a "mostly elected, legitimate and powerful second chamber" he does not follow out the logic of this: it must be wholly elected to be legitimate and powerful.

It should represent different constituencies from MPs. Regions, particularly in England, need elected representation so that the whole of the United Kingdom can have sensible links with the European Union's important Council of Regions.

It should not include bishops or any other religious nominees. As a Methodist, I am only too aware of the baleful effects the entwining of church and state has had on both. It is 350 years since Cromwell tried unsuccessfully to reform our polity by root and branch reform; let us not miss another opportunity to become democratic.


Baildon, West Yorkshire