Letter: Age of pop classics

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Age of pop classics

Sir: I get very annoyed when my teenage children accuse me of trying to be cool when I buy the latest album by, say, Faithless (Philip Hensher, 26 February). What they find so difficult to appreciate is that I do genuinely enjoy quite a lot of contemporary music. (What I find difficult is that fairly often my purchases disappear into their rooms.)

I do not remember ever being enamoured of my parents' favourite music. Jim Reeves was never my type of thing. However, I do still enjoy playing my old Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin albums. When two survivors of Led Zeppelin played on television recently, my children were captivated.

Popular music in our parents' time was awful, ours was good enough to be enjoyed by our children and today's music is a mixture of so many ideas that it cannot fail to impress someone - and I comfort myself with the knowledge that John Peel is older than me!

ANNETTE MILNES (aged 453/4)

Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire