Letter: Airline food

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Sir: British Airways marketing director Martin George (Right of Reply, 27 October) is way off-beam. If he seriously believes there is any point in recruiting "top chefs" to advise on a product that is prepared way ahead of time and then reheated under grossly sub-optimal conditions in a cramped galley, then he knows nothing about food preparation. It is virtually impossible for such food to survive in an appetising condition, as amply verified by the vile concoctions suffered at the hands of BA and others.

The best airline meals (all economy) I have had this year were with Alitalia and some of the best ever were, believe it or not, with Aeroflot, albeit some years ago. What they had in common was that all items were cold and of good quality (eg chicken, smoked salmon, pastrami, fresh fruit, sandwiches, crisp salads, pastries), rather than dire items like tasteless steak, soggy duchesse potatoes or that ultimate low, the reheated omelette.

The perfect airline meal is a high-quality picnic and BA would benefit from trying to deliver that rather than indulging in such money-wasting absurdities as sending cabin crew to Conran or Mosimann establishments to see that they are "up to date with the latest trends".