Letter: Art attack

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Sir: I was repelled by the photograph on the Letters page of 31 August.

On a recent visit to Harewood's 14th-century church with its magnificent carvings, we were mystified to find this oozing mass of decaying flowers installed in the north aisle. A leaflet explained that it was a work called Preserving Beauty but not why such a title should be given to a repellent mass of rotting vegetation crushed under a sheet of glass. The only colour was black, in various shades.

The aged stones of the floor are being stained by the disgusting fluid seeping from the exhibit, as can be seen in your photograph. How far will it seep before it eventually dries up, I wonder?

The exhibit indicates the very reverse of the resurrection message which is part of the faith represented by the building in which it is displayed.


Margate, Kent