Letter: Article of faith

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Sir: The directors of the New Millennium Experience Company have decided to change the name of "The Faith Zone" in the Millennium Dome to "Faith Zone". This is because the original title is regarded as implying that there is one privileged religion: "The Faith".

Thank God that at last someone has seen the sinister potential of the definite article, and has taken prompt action. There is, however, a great deal of urgent work still to be done. The Lake District must of course be renamed, since it has more than one lake. The Boat Race, for similar reasons, will become "Boat Race", at least while both crews are afloat.

And a number of everyday expressions, such as "the lunatic fringe" and "the grammatically challenged", will also need to be cropped - it would be over-optimistic to suppose that there is only one grammatically challenged lunatic at large.


Chilton, Oxfordshire