Letter: Attacks on Fayed

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Sir: Presumably those backers of Hamilton would have been happy enough to get their money back from the damages and costs Fayed would have had to pay if he had lost the libel action ("Earl known as `Q' is refusing to pay Fayed", 24 December). It is right and proper that they should pay the bill now.

I find the attempt to portray Hamilton as some sort of martyr sickening. One wonders if the real reason Hamilton was backed by some of his supporters was to get at Fayed, who had ruffled too many Establishment figures and who in his scattergun approach to matters concerning arms dealing and the death of Diana may be keeping open what some would wish to be buried.

Whether Fayed's conclusions are the correct ones or not, many questions on these matters have not been satisfactorily answered. I hope he continues to raise them.