Letter: Baffled by the euro

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Sir: Although heartily agreeing with you about the necessity of joining economic and monetary union, I cannot agree with your leading article (1 March) that a referendum now would give a positive result.

Last summer this branch of the European Movement held 13 information stalls in various towns, handing out brochures and look-alike euro currency notes, as well as answering questions about the euro.

Although many younger people and students were for our joining EMU, the lack of knowledge - or even wanting to know - among older people was horrifying. Pensioners who were in the last war seemed to think it was a German ploy to take over the UK! A poll last September showed that whereas 54 per cent of citizens in mainland Europe were well informed about the euro, only 8 per cent of Britons were.

To produce a "yes" vote in a referendum will need the Government to send information throughout the kingdom, particularly in England. We shall be out and about again this year campaigning for a positive referendum result, despite Hugh Dykes's derogatory remarks (letter, 20 February) about the European Movement.



Huddersfield Branch

European Movement

Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire