Letter: BBC bosses

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Sir: Your leader, "We need a new way of choosing BBC bosses" (22 April), contains so many misconceptions that I feel I must put the record straight. The next Director-General will be appointed by the 12 governors of the BBC alone and without interference, either political or commercial. This will be the case both in theory and practice, both officially and unofficially.

The BBC is not a state broadcaster. It is not for ministers to issue a job description for the BBC's Director-General nor does the BBC need "a governmental mission statement".

The governors are clear about the requirements of the job and the BBC has recently set out its vision of the future in The BBC Beyond 2000.

You call for a selection board made up of people with experience of the industry as well as public life. That is a good description of today's BBC governors, who have set in train a rigorous, clear and objective process designed to identify the best person to be the next Director-General.


The Secretary, BBC

London W1