Letter: Beef cruelty crisis

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Sir: The full benefits of supermarkets, computers and modern methods of communication are beginning to dawn on me. What I buy or refrain from buying is immediately reflected on stock levels and purchases the supermarkets require.

We have seen in the past week that even French reluctance to accept British beef can translate quickly into a position where French apple pips squeak.

For years our politicians have given us no opportunity to express our detestation for the European Union, nor offered any real chance for us to record our views in the traditional British voting system. Even the last European election was conducted under a counting method alien to this country.

Meanwhile the conquered nations and their friends have continually stripped us of our markets, our rights and our freedom to acknowledge no other law but our own. The present government has connived at the dismemberment of the United Kingdom to make it easier for the European Union to control our future.

Now, at last, it is clear that we can express our feelings. No pollster or spin doctor can disguise the figures, nor any politician long ignore them. My wife and I have resolved that we will never again knowingly purchase any product of the European Union or its associate dependants until the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has renounced the Treaty of Rome. Come and join us.


Stroud, Gloucestershire