Letter: Belgrade's answer

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Sir: What would have happened if Hitler had kept within his own borders and started gassing the German Jews? I would guess that letters, like those you printed on 25 March roundly condemning Nato action against Serbia, would have appeared saying that this was an internal affair and anyway they had it coming.

Some of your correspondents' historical references were wrong. The Luftwaffe did not enjoy air superiority over Yugoslavia - for the last 12 months of the war allied planes ranged freely in support of Tito.

We had little option but to intervene in Serbia out of a moral duty and out of self interest to prevent a regional war and deter future aggressors.

My guess is that the Serbs will be forced out of Kosovo by air strikes. Kosovo is likely to become a de facto Nato protectorate. Serb generals are likely to be increasingly worried as their assets are trashed by air power - particularly as they are paranoid about the threat from a Croatia rearmed by the US and with scores to settle. So they will look for a way out. I am glad Nato has acted and see no other honourable and practical course available.


Bromyard, Herefordshire