Letter: Below the belt

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Sir: As a GP, I would like to forcefully disagree with Jonathan Reggler's comments (Right of Reply 26 January).

Viagra is a drug for sexual performance, and, except for procreation, sex has to be defined as recreational and as such can in no way be regarded as a health "need". Like all other "wants" it should be paid for, and at the price of a take-away is a good alternative to a pint of lager and a chicken tikka.

For years the male-dominated British Medical Association has castigated the Government for not making rationing decisions. So why should it be making such a stand over a male impotence drug?

At at time when I am unable to admit acutely ill people; when cancer operations are being cancelled and patients' relatives are required to wash and feed them for lack of nurses, one can only conclude that the BMA, like most males, believe the vital organs including the brain are located in their groins.