Letter: Beware poll fix

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Sir: John Roberts (letter, 3 November) must try harder if he is going to persuade Labour Party members like me, never mind London voters at large, that Ken Livingstone is unworthy of consideration as Labour's candidate for Mayor.

I started this campaign as a strong supporter of Trevor Phillips and sceptical of Ken Livingstone. Call me naive, but I was daft enough to believe in the campaign for one member, one vote within Labour. Are we now to accept that the slogan should have had an addendum - "provided you vote the right way". All unions should get a vote in the electoral college, but only if they pledge to hold a ballot of their members.

Eighteen months ago I dismissed all talk of control-freakery as the mutterings of a few malcontents. I took a week's holiday to work for Labour in the general election. I'm now starting to feel a bit of a mug.

I suspect Ken Livingstone may well win the vote to be Labour's candidate, even with the college tilted against him. I'm far from convinced this will be a good thing. I do know however that any attempt to fix the outcome will hold Labour up to ridicule by London voters and have thousands of Labour members like me questioning whether they wish to remain in an organisation that would stoop to such depths.


London N7