Letter: Bible abused

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Bible abused

Sir: For centuries some Christians have used the Bible to justify their desire to burn heretics, Protestants, Catholics and others whose views they reject; to identify and torture witches; to trade in slaves; to invade and colonise other countries, removing natural resources and breaking down traditional ways of government; to support fascist regimes; to demonise Jews; to prevent family planning; to cause misery to homosexuals and divorcees; to build empires of fabulous riches while the poor rot in the streets; to censor free speech; to diminish women as inferior to men.

After all this abuse of a text that mostly calls on people to love one- another and care for each other for God's sake, and that bears abiding witness to the graciousness and power of God, but does so in a developing historical context that needs some exploration, they now get hoity-toity about a few celebs writing some lively squibs as introductions to the various books ("A Bible publisher sought publicity and, lo, he found controversy", 1 October).

Time for someone to grow up?


The Parish of Saint Alban the Martyr,