Letter: Bishop vs BBC

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Sir: The complaint that the BBC gives inadequate coverage of Christianity got an inadequate reply from the head of BBC Religion (Right of Reply, 18 December). The BBC does indeed give inadequate coverage not only of Christianity but of all religion, despite the large number of radio and television programmes on the subject, because they hardly attempt more than a superficial expression or examination of any religious doctrines or practices.

However, Christians would get more sympathy from non-Christians if they showed more awareness of the equally inadequate coverage of all such doctrines and practices. Moreover, considering that only one tenth of the population are observant members of any religious denomination, the BBC also gives inadequate coverage of non-religious beliefs and behaviours.

The best solution would be the abolition of the institution called "BBC Religion" and the establishment of a new department devoted to proper coverage of all serious metaphysical and moral ideas and activities in our multi-credal and multi-cultural society. This could produce programmes enthusiastically expressing the celebration of major religious festivals, Christian and non-Christian, but also programmes critically examining the background to such events, without the constant bias towards the mainstream of the Christian tradition.


Rationalist Press Association

London N1