Letter: Blair at bay

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Sir: It is clearly no coincidence that the Prime Minister's official spokesperson states that hunting will not be banned this parliament, the day after Ken Livingstone turns out to be the backbencher who will introduce the Bill ("Downing Street says fox-hunting Bill is doomed", 16 December).

The fact that Mr Livingstone only came eighth in the ballot is not relevant, as Jack Straw had promised to provide parliamentary time for any private member's bill to ban hunting. He did not specify how high up in the ballot the MP had to come and he certainly did not specify that the MP had to be one that the Government liked.

The Labour MP Elliot Morley promised, as Opposition spokesperson for rural affairs before the last election, that if MPs voted to ban hunting then necessary parliamentary time would be provided to implement the ban. Tony Blair famously promised in July this year to ban hunting "as soon as we possibly can".

Hunting needs to be banned during this parliament if people are to believe Labour's promises in the next general election campaign.


Regional Representative

Animal Aid

Tonbridge, Kent