Letter: Blair `shock-troops'

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Sir: I am both baffled and shocked by the launch of Second Term, a right-wing group of New Labour modernisers that even pretends to be Tony Blair's own shock-troops ("End union link, says Labour group", 24 August).

Their policy wish-list includes legalising drugs, abolishing the monarchy, scrapping all ties with the trade unions and introducing PR. Second Term asks the Labour government not to lose its nerve with the pressures of life in government. It also argues that Labour should listen to the silent majority of the party.

Second Term should spend less time lecturing and more time listening to the hard-working, decent majority that elected New Labour. The sooner this arrogant elite of middle class Johnny-come-latelys stop playing campus politics the better.

I am sure the Government has better things to do than pay attention to right-wing Trots who think that tinkering with the constitution in dope- filled rooms is more important than investing in education or rebuilding the NHS.


Conisbrough, South Yorkshire