Letter: Blame for the bug

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Sir: As a contractor in the computer industry for nearly 10 years, I have to submit the other side of the salary argument ("Computer workers mine rich seam", 3 September). You will find that, on average, a contractor has fewer sick days (no work, no pay), fewer holidays (ditto), works longer hours than his permanent brothers and sisters and is usually better at the job.

You only become a contractor when you are sure that your skills will be in demand and that you are capable of doing a good job. Sure, you get paid more, but the risks are higher and there is no pension scheme.

Don't knock the "silly money" - it barely makes up for the troubles. Oh, and of course you have to have an accountant. Now there are a bunch of overpaid layabouts. And don't mention the taxman either. (I'm currently in Bristol, but before that in Aberdeen and before that Munich, and before that....)


Harwich, Essex