Letter: Blubber mountain

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Sir: I was surprised and disappointed when I read your article, "Exposed: Norway's secret hoard of whale blubber" (7 July). I understand that general opinion on whaling is strong. Nevertheless, I expect the articles on this to be of the same balanced standard as on any other issue. Throughout the article we are presented only with Greenpeace UK's views, except for a statement from the managing director of a Norwegian company who sees "nothing wrong in it".

How come such a cruel secret is not put to the Norwegian authorities before being presented in the newspaper? You might at least have tried to get some sort of official view on the issue.

What really disappoints me is that this is a made-up story in the sense that no "secret" has been revealed whatsoever. It would have taken one question to any Norwegian journalist, official figure or even average citizen to find that this "secret" has been publicly known for years now.

The issue of the "blubber mountain" has been presented on Norwegian television and in the newspapers time and time again for years for everyone to see, and to participate in discussion.


University of Southampton