Letter: Boeing workhorse

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Sir: With every sympathy for the families of those lost in the Egyptair crash, I am compelled to say that your article "Chequered history of the 767" (1 November) is a little unfair if it reflects the history of the aircraft since 1982.

I have no interest in the Boeing company, but I have travelled around the world for 50 years on varied aircraft, including many hours on the Boeing 767. You quote three instances in stating that the "plane's record has not been unblemished".

One was the hijacking of the Air Ethiopia aircraft, with the hijackers refusing to allow the crew to land to refuel. You cannot really blame the crew or the aircraft for this. Another was an emergency landing at Heathrow.

The history of an aircraft with more than 3 million flights and some 813 million passengers need not necessarily be seen as "blemished" over the 17 years that the 767 has been operational.


Ullapool, Highland