Letter: Brave protest

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Sir: Very bravely, The Independent castigates Channel 4 for its lack of "bravery" for the scheduling of "What's so Special about David", a "challenging and important" film in our disability series Access All Areas, broadcast at 12.05am on 8 March (Media, 9 March).

In a misguided attempt to show that Channel 4 is eschewing the "difficult" in favour of the "trivial", you compare this to the scheduling of the "light-hearted" "The Half Monty", another Access All Areas film that aired in peak time at 8.30pm on 4 March. You ignore the fact that Access All Areas is a series of more than two films. We broadcast a film about a paralysed mother, "Penny's Baby", at 7.35pm on 5 March and "The Down's Syndrome" at 7.30pm the following day.

Channel 4 continues to move so-called minority issues into its mainstream programme line-up. Perhaps, in return, The Independent will be brave enough to admit that this is a positive development rather than something to be snide about.


Chief Executive

Channel 4

London SW1