Letter: Breast is still best

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Sir: It is misleading to imply that "enriched" formula milk may be as good as breast-feeding ("Brain food for babies", 2 February). There is no research to suggest this.

Professor Lucas's research merely shows that one kind of formula milk is even more inadequate for brain development than another kind. Manufacturers will never be able to duplicate breast milk because it is a live substance that changes constantly to match the baby's age and needs, and responds to each infection mother and baby are exposed to by providing antibodies specific to that particular infection.

The Independent's pro-bottle-feeding bias presumably stems from the idea that bottle-feeding liberates women. Bottle-feeding only liberates employers and the state from the burden of providing decent maternity leave and workplace creches, and relieves others of the "inconvenience" of welcoming babies wherever their mothers wish to go.


Pitsford, Northamptonshire