Letter: Budget losers

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Sir: Recently, a Royal Commission recommended a scheme to support the elderly in reasonable care, with expenses split between the state and the individual. The estimated cost of pounds 1bn was too much for the Government. "More consideration" was needed, which is politico-speaking for shelving it.

Within weeks, the Government announced tax levels of 10 per cent and 22 per cent, costing pounds 2bn and pounds 2.8bn respectively. Your Budget Review (10 March) showed smiling faces, but not from the 40,000 people a year forced to sell their homes to provide for their care. Perhaps they have nothing to smile about, after being stripped of the only asset which they have saved for their old age?

This government was elected to get away from this sleight of hand. If justice towards the elderly does not move them, they should consider that the sons and daughters of the 40,000 have votes to register their disgust in the forthcoming elections.