Letter: Business integrity

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Letter: Business integrity

Sir: It is interesting to contrast the approach taken by David Maclean in pointing out to the newly appointed Lord Sainsbury ("Sainsbury targeted by Tories",30 July) areas where he should and should not speak, with the story of the large number of troughs which Mr Maclean's former colleagues are dining at ("Ex-ministers find talents in demand", 29 July).

Those leaving business for politics can ensure that they do not benefit from any decisions they may take. Parliament can and should take steps to see that this happens. The potential for corruption is much more difficult to regulate when it happens the other way. How can businesses making such appointments benefit, other than from having access to contacts? Worst of all, in many cases it seems appointees are simply being rewarded for favours already shown.

Perhaps it is time somebody started to look at the business benefits of such appointments.


Egglescliffe, Cleveland