Letter: Cables in the sky

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Sir: Electricity does not "leak" from overhead power lines (letter, 6 December). The crackling noise may be one of two things: a build-up of static electricity running to the cables, which would not cause damage; or the faint possibility that under very heavy rain, the electricity could arc to earth, and if a child was outside in rain of such magnitude it would probably get pneumonia in any case.

Most cables over built-up areas were there originally going over open country, and housing developers have built houses under the wires. It would be desirable for the cables to be put underground, but I do not feel that the developers or the electricity industry would be prepared to meet the considerable cost. I do not think householders would appreciate the major works involved in putting cables underground after their houses had been built.

The overhead lines are clearly there to see. That fact is involved in the decision of the house-buyer whether to purchases the house, and should not be complained about later.