Letter: Caring for Kosovo

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Sir: The consequences of the US-inspired attack on Serbia were so predictable that one can only assume that Clinton and his advisors are either very stupid or very devious. I cannot believe that the mass expulsion of the Albanian population of Kosovo was unexpected, so is it not more credible that it is part of a larger plan to tidy up the map of the region?

The US strategists fear the threat of Islam, and may feel that firm and stable governments dividing the Balkans on a north-south axis are the least bad option.

The masterstroke of the US plan was to appear to be on the side of the angels, and for everyone to have a perfect excuse to condemn what is happening and say it is not their fault. My only problem with this theory is wondering where it leaves the rest of the Nato leaders.

Can everyone really be so naive as to have been hoodwinked by the US, or are they all involved in the conspiracy?


Milborne Port, Somerset