Letter: Caring for Kosovo

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Sir: Many of your correspondents who support the bombing of the Serbs and sending in the infantry to "finish the job" draw parallels between present-day Serbia and Nazi Germany. This is dangerous and inaccurate nonsense.

Dangerous because comparing a series of low-intensity civil wars in which no more than 250,000 have died with the total conflagration of the Second World War risks trivialising the indelible stain on humanity that was the Holocaust.

Inaccurate because Nazi Germany invaded other states, slaughtering civilians by the million and thus occupied most of Europe and North Africa. Apart from a recent American cruise missile in Bulgaria, not a single shot has landed outside the frontiers of the former Yugoslavia.

It is a sign of the unjustifiable nature of current Nato action that its advocates are driven to such excesses of exaggeration.


London W6