Letter: Ceramic collection

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Sir: The Tate shares your correspondents' concerns (letters, 15, 17 September) about the future of the Janet Leach Collection of ceramics, principally by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. Leach was a powerful force in St Ives, which is why we have been delighted to show a group of his works as part of our displays at the Tate Gallery there.

However, this does not mean that we should begin collecting ceramics for the Tate. The national collection of ceramic art is at the Victoria & Albert Museum, which has the expertise to make and care for a collection of contemporary ceramics. The V&A has been a generous lender to exhibitions in the past and we enjoy our collaboration with them on projects which require the inclusion of ceramics.

We would be pleased to collaborate with the executors of Janet Leach's estate, so that the remaining pots in her collection could continue to be seen in St Ives.


Director, Tate Gallery

London SW1