Letter: Church of Mammon

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Sir: Spending Christmas with close relatives in London, we decided to visit St Paul's Cathedral on Boxing Day. Many others had decided to do likewise, a large number of whom were tourists.

We were amazed to discover that an admission charge of pounds 4 per person had to be paid before access to the cathedral was allowed. Our intention had been to spend a short period in this wonderful building at an appropriate time. We came away disgusted at the cynical and hypocritical attitude of those who contrive to make money in this way. We noticed that the tourists looked puzzled but paid up. One British family, not realising that money was necessary, started to walk past the barriers but were called back to pay. They also left.

We have, on many occasions, entered cathedrals here and abroad and given willingly and generously towards upkeep. Why have compulsory payment in any church or cathedral? Surely this goes against all that the church teaches. Is St Paul's now alongside public monuments, museums, theme parks and places of entertainment in vying for our cash?