Letter: Climatic catastrophe

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Sir: The joint letter from Peter Ewins and James Baker is a call to action.

It is governments that must take a lead when aggressors or natural disasters threaten the population at large. Similarly, with climate change threatening our global populations, governments must take positive action here. A start was made at Kyoto in 1997, but little real progress has been made since.

The British Nuclear Industry Forum has argued (as have many other organisations) that there has to be a balanced energy policy and nuclear energy has to be part of it. We believe that increased efficiency, use of renewables and technological advances must be pursued vigorously as part of that policy. We also believe that nuclear energy is part of the solution.

It may not be commonly known that Britain's nuclear power stations produce about 30 per cent of UK electricity, emitting virtually no greenhouse or acid rain gases. This contribution cannot be ignored.

Let us look to the governments to develop a sustainable and balanced energy policy that can provide for the growing demand for energy worldwide and that also supports an acceptable way of life without threatening the environment for future generations.


British Nuclear Industry Forum

London E14