Letter: Clinton vs puritans

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Letter: Clinton vs puritans

Sir: The pundits of Puritan prudery had better realise that their hypocrisy isn't selling in the American heartland. Kenneth Starr promised proof of criminal activity, but the only charges he makes against President Clinton relate to a natural reluctance to publicly admit to an embarrassing sexual affair. Where are the felonies? Where's the graft? Where's the corruption?

They promised to reveal serious crimes in the Oval Office, but it all boils down to a consensual sexual matter having no real bearing on Clinton's management of the people's affairs. Clinton is doing a tremendous job of running the country and we are not going to allow a gang of moral masqueraders to overthrow the best President we've had in the last 35 years.

Starr has wasted four years and $40m proving that a man will lie about an extramarital affair. We do not approve of infidelity, but we know the difference between a sexual indiscretion and activities that undermine the people's interests. The religious fanatics trying to stir up a witch hunt should heed the President's popularity ratings, because those numbers are going to sink the Republican Party in November.


San Raphael, California, USA