Letter: Clinton's wisdom

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Sir: What would we think if Hail to the Chief were played every time Blair appeared and we all stood to attention, knowing that he couldn't get his Bills through Parliament ("Cruise missiles won't stop the dangers facing US democracy", 19 December)?

The stuffy old British may be lumbered with hereditary peers, a monarchy and an ancient non-constitution but our system is more efficient than the American one: we are not locked in a late eighteenth-century colonial time warp. You can't have strong leaders with an American-style constitution and you need strong leaders if you want to be world policeman.

State -of- the art smart bombs are useless without decisive leadership. The Americans need a prime minister based on a majority in the House of Representatives, a less powerful senate, a dignified non-executive president and some form of PR encouraging a wider range of parties.

Then they'd have stronger government based on more active voter participation.