Letter: CNN in Belgrade

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Sir: Robert Fisk's article "Taken in by the Nato line" (29 June) offers speculation instead of accurate, fair reporting. To suggest that CNN was the only media organisation to know that Nato had targeted Serbian television headquarters is simply wrong. This was common knowledge several days beforehand among the media in Belgrade and even among Yugoslav authorities.

Nor was anything unusual about the proposed Larry King interview. Throughout the months of hostilities, CNN maintained a standing invitation to Yugoslavian officials to discuss the issues of the conflict, by telephone or satellite broadcast. Serbian Information Minister Vucic, despite the dangerous environment, agreed to a satellite television interview with CNN's Larry King Live for 22 April. The article's claim that Vucic escaped death by mere minutes is wrong; the minister's representatives cancelled that interview 12 hours in advance of the scheduled programme.

Also incorrect, Fisk's reporting that the Larry King Live programme is produced by the entertainment division. CNN does not have an entertainment division; we are a global news network.


President, International Networks and Global Newsgathering, CNN

Atlanta, Georgia, USA