Letter: `Collateral' killing

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Letter: `Collateral' killing

Sir: I would just like to add a small note to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's excellent comment "Tariq Ali doesn't speak for Muslims". One of the characteristics encouraged in Muslim societies is to give to charity without being ostentatious.

So perhaps we shouldn't be too critical of the Sultan of Brunei if he hasn't put his "thousand cars" (or anything else) to good use in Kosovo, or if a rich country like Kuwait prefers to spend $1.2bn on a crucial military command system rather than take in refugees.

The UAE seems to be the only Muslim country providing help to the refugees. The Emirates camp in Kukes, Albania, which has the capacity to accommodate 10,000 people, has a hospital with an operating room, and intensive care unit, and is so well organised its residents are reluctant to leave.


London W5