Letter: Condon `myopic'

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Sir: Sir Paul Condon remains woefully myopic when he clings to the linguistic opportunities posed by the adjective "unwitting", instead of seeing institutional racism as a component part of a much larger picture.

Tony Blair is right when he says we should honestly confront racism. We live in a sophisticated society with sophisticated prejudices. Overt racism of the kind that killed Stephen is all too common in Britain. Covert racism, for which there has been no report, but under which many individuals bring claims through the Race Relations Act every year, is also alarmingly pervasive.

Macpherson's findings of institutional racism only confirms what those of us who are black have always known. It is a welcome addition to our national dialogue and to some extent completes the circle. We need now to continue the dialogue that has begun between our diverse communities, if only to ensure that it doesn't take another tragedy to bring this to the public's attention.


London NW1