Letter: Cows hit back

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Sir: Daisy is not happy. In fact she is positively upset. Actually her name is Pet. Why should she be feeling thus? Because I do not look after her properly? Because she does not agree with the finer points of the Common Agricultural Policy? No, because she has to put up with articles like the one by James Erlichman ("Our unhealthy love of milk", 12 August).

Pet is 15 years old. She has produced 14 calves and 100,000 litres of milk. And her milk is healthy, wholesome and nutritious. She knows it is, because every tankful is sampled for cleanliness and antibiotic residues. And her udder does not drag in the mud.

Yes, she would admit to carrying around bacteria. But then so does Mr Erlichman. Millions of the little blighters. But I will resist the temptation to write a sensationalist article about his bacteria, or the devastating effect that articles such as his could bring upon an already hard-pressed industry.

Pet is due to have her 15th calf in February 1999. I am sure she would be delighted if Mr Erlichman would like to come down to observe the happy event.