Letter: Crimes in Kosovo

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Sir: As one of the generation born just after the Second World War, I have always thought that events such as the Holocaust could never happen again. The idea that powerful civilised nations would ever again allow such things to happen right alongside them seemed unthinkable.

Yet it is clear now what horrors are being committed by the government of Yugoslavia and its agents. If force is ever morally justified then surely it is in a case like this. If Nato has not used enough force with enough conviction that is another matter.

I am amazed to see correspondents in your paper write indignantly about "illegal attacks on a sovereign state".

The idea that war can be waged against Milosevic and his supporters without any civilians getting hurt or killed is absurd. For these deaths also you need to lay the blame where it belongs - with the mafia of old Communists who cling to power in Serbia.

I, unlike some of your correspondents, am not ashamed of the actions of Nato. On the contrary, I am proud that European nations are at last acting against this genocidal regime in their midst.


Ulveston, Cumbria