Letter: Crowded planet

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Sir: I have the greatest sympathy for anyone faced with damage to their local environment, be it by an energy company or from any other cause. However, when I read of Wiebo Ludwig's troubles ("War in Peace County", 8 December), I wonder if his concern for the environment ever leads him to wonder how his 11 children will find their living?

Perhaps they will follow their father's way, and live a life of farming self-sufficiency and religion, each in turn having 11 or so children, who, in turn, will have another 11 or so? That would need another 125 or so farms the size of his to support them. How many acres are there in Trickle Creek? More likely, many, if not most of them will join ordinary Canadian society. They will need heat and power, will buy cars, and take jet planes to holidays in the sun to get away from the cold Canadian winters. For this they will use gas and oil, and lots of it. Do you think there is any chance of Wiebo making a connection here?


Market Rasen, Lincolnshire