Letter: Cruelty to fish

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Sir: At the Campaign for the Abolition of Angling we are not surprised that Richard Lee has buried his head in the sand on the issue of suffering in fish. Anglers are notorious for denying the numerous research articles proving that fish can indeed feel pain and have the ability to suffer just like any other vertebrate animal.

Mr Lee would be wise to look at the Pottinger report, commissioned in part by the National Federation of Anglers, which came to the conclusion that fish can feel pain. He has also overlooked the Medway report which led to the RSPCA adopting an anti-angling approach.

As for fishermen as conservationists, I think our answer to this is best said in the words of the recent president of the National Federation of Anglers: "I tried to preach the environmental message but it fell on deaf ears... Many dyed-in-the-wool anglers don't seem to be interested in the environment because all they want to do is go fishing."

Angling is a bloodsport, regardless of what anglers like to think.



Campaign for the Abolition of Angling

London WC1