Letter: Dealing with Iraq

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Sir: Your editorial (18 December) poses the question, "How else do we deal with this dictator?"

Hasn't history taught us that the very best way to undermine dictatorships is to build as many links as we can with such countries, not close them down as we have done with Iraq? This has helped keep Saddam in power.

The Berlin wall was not only to keep people in but ideas out. We need to repair the damage with Iraq, both physical but also psychological. Drop the sanctions and invade the country with our influence; win the people over with contact with the West on all levels; not with bombs.

Such contact would be assisted by free trade and open borders and would be the greatest threat that Saddam could face.

In the short term, allow the Arab nations, with appropriate assistance (that they should and can pay for), to contain Iraq. We have enough needs at home on which to use the resources expended on damaging Iraq.


St Albans, Hertfordshire