Letter: Democratic Europe

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Sir: Glenys Kinnock's Caribbean bananas (Deborah Ross interview, 9 November) are smaller than South American dollar-bananas and of much inferior quality. They are yet another good reason for joining the Conservatives, as Katharine Hamnett has so courageously done.

In fact, the banana became a symbol of EC arrogance when the EC's banana regime was condemned by the World Trade Organisation, the US government and most banana-producing Latin American states. And, of course, condemned by that one truly banana-loving European nation, Germany. The regime is one of the most obvious examples of a protectionist market order applied by the EC, blatantly contradicting its promise of free trade.

It seems that the EC, not content that its Common Agricultural Policy has destroyed its member states' agricultural structures, is now giving it another go by attacking South American farmers, too.

Wouldn't the New Conservatives do well to spite Glenys Kinnock and consider replacing their blue torch with the yellow banana of freedom?