Letter: Depression drugs

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Sir: I am a grandmother and psychotherapist. I watch with deep unease the exhaustion and dissatisfactions of my daughters and their friends, trying to balance their work, relationships and mothering.

I see my young grandchildren and their friends awash with toys and activities, but yearning for quiet quality time with their mothers. They are often restless and unable to concentrate.

Many things have changed for the better since I was a mother in the 1960s, but vital aspects seem to have been lost. Importantly, the amount of one- to-one quality time we offered our children and the resultant deep satisfaction and pleasure we both derived from it. The ability to relate and to build self confidence in children can't be hurried.

We need to honour and value the mothering process. It's important. Women need to feel validated by it. Their health and that of their children depends upon it.


London SW14