Letter: Disharmony

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Sir: Dennis Stevenson talks as if he were the only concert-goer in the civilised world. He should live 70 miles or more from any big city for a year or so on a salary of, say, pounds 20,000. Then he might just be grateful for the choice of concerts (boring and otherwise) he gets every day in London by virtue of his location and his undoubted wealth.

Living around here, one is jolly lucky to hear a performance by a full- size professional symphony orchestra or opera company in a comfortable, well-appointed venue more than a few times a year. To travel to London in time for a performance is virtually impossible for many people after a full day's work.

Does it not occur to him that many people travel from London suburbs to concerts and that 7pm would be far too early for them? Or that, for many, the price of tickets is high enough to preclude supper after the concert?

I had hoped that a Labour government might have taken some artistic advice from ordinary voters, but it goes on appointing the same kind of people the Tories did - the wealthy and powerful, who move in restricted social circles.


Ipswich, Suffolk