Letter: Dismal US record

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Sir: The main stumbling block at the Rambouillet discussions was the Yugoslav refusal to accept Nato troops in their country. Quite right too.

The sole aim of this despicable "alliance", which successfully ruined the Soviet economy through the arms race it spearheaded, at the risk of total global annihilation, is and has always been the furtherance of American power in Europe. Despite the impressions that our leaders are so keen to convey, 90 per cent of Nato's planes, bombs, and military high command have "USA" written all over them.

For a nation that has dropped the atomic bomb on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, slaughtered one million men, women and children in Vietnam, and backed to the hilt every murderous and corrupt dictatorship throughout Central and South America to impose itself as the world's moral guardian would be a joke if its consequences were not so horrifying.


London SW4