Letter: Divided island

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Sir: The peaceful co-existence that endured between the majority of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots before the tragic events of 1974 is often overlooked ("Divided they stand, separated by eternal hatred and suspicion", 10 December).

There is even substantial evidence that on many occasions Greek Cypriots sheltered Turkish Cypriots from the violence perpetrated by the Greek- sponsored Eoka B organisation during the attempted Greek colonels' coup to overthrow the Cypriot President.

This spirit of peaceful co-existence was only interrupted by the illegal invasion and occupation carried out by the Turkish mainland in response to the coup. The Turkish Cypriots have now largely fled their homeland, leaving the majority of Northern Cyprus inhabited by Turks from the mainland, and it is towards them and not the Turkish Cypriots that Greek Cypriot animosity is directed.


London CR2