Letter: Don't blame police

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Sir: It is too easy for Peter Thatchell to be wise after the event (letter, 6 May) and I suspect it is premature to be making judgements of blame for police allegedly not warning the homosexual public of the risk of attack by nail bomb.

I was closely involved with community-police liaison following the Brixton bomb on 17 April. I know police immediately anticipated further attacks and in all public statements by my colleagues Mike Franklin and Arlene Mundle (of the Community-Police Consultative Group for Lambeth) emphasis was placed on the need for the public to remain vigilant. The police did the same.

While the identity and motives of the person or persons carrying out the bombings were unknown, the target locations were simply symbolic and anyone by mischance was likely to be a victim. I suspect the bomber(s) would not have been deterred by publicity of the type Peter Thatchell is suggesting.

The main communication difficulty was the reluctance of the media to report the need for continuing public vigilance.


London SW4