Letter: Down on the farm

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Down on the farm

Sir: Worrying developments at Ambridge. It looks as if The Archers is slipping in a bit of propaganda for the Ministry of Agriculture, indulging in badger-bashing and casting a slur on the dairy cows of an entire English county.

Poor old Phil has got TB in his dairy herd. Guilty cows were bought in recently from Herefordshire and now the whole herd may have to be slaughtered. Sad discussions about whether bovine TB is spread by badgers.

Could it be a coincidence that, in the real world outside Ambridge, Herefordshire is one of the areas where the ministry has decreed a badger-killing programme to test the theory that they carry TB? Please could the scriptwriters allow badgers and healthy Herefordshire cows a right of reply?


Leominster, Herefordshire.